Key Club!

Emily Colon, 12

May 17, 2019

Key Club is a service club devoted to helping the community and school. It has been missing from Astronaut for about over a decade. Senior Sammy Nevins, the President, and senior Kirstin Comer, Vice President, wanted to bring the ...

Boot Camp

Thalia Vanto, 12, Staff Member

April 15, 2019

It's just that time of year when graduation status may be in question for some of our seniors. So, the school invented an Astro Hour boot camp for the seniors with either a D or F in a class, a missing course, or are FA-ing. "The...

Serving It Safe!

Serving It Safe!

March 29, 2019

Pi Day Celebration

Pi Day Celebration

March 15, 2019

Shark Attack

Shark Attack

March 12, 2019

Chorus MPA

Emily Colon, 12, Editor

March 11, 2019

On Saturday, March 2 chorus member's will be attending MPA for the first time. Chorus member's will be singing "The Pasture", "Hospla Looplsa", "Bring me Water Sylvie" and "Down by The Riverside". Also they will be sight reading ...

The Real Deal

Ro'Lexus Thomas, 11, Staff Member

March 7, 2019

Seniors in the Patient Care program are getting ready to take their CNA certification test late April, early May. The seniors have been doing clinical rotations at Royal Oaks nursing home. Clinical's are basically an internship....

ESE Students

Thalia Vanto, 12

September 28, 2018

While most students are concerned about their homework and their looks in the mirror, some other students worry about not being able to walk or talk or do things normal people do. Ms. Andrews and Mrs. Corbin teach and provide f...

Taking a Step Closer to College With AVID

Mikayla Maurer, 9

September 27, 2018

Avid is a new program that has been introduced to our school to prep students for college success and exposes students to understanding college in every aspect by talking about it and even visiting a few campuses along the way. “We...