Workforce Exploration!


Last week Eastern Florida State College’s Cocoa Campus helped faster the future with it’s career workshop convention. This convention provided information in areas of cosmetology, Welding, Aerospace Technology, Aviation Maintenance , Engineering and etc.

“I’m the program specialist of the cosmetology at Eastern Florida. This is the first time Eastern Florida has made an event like this. This is not just like regular classes , it’s things the students are actually interested in,” Kendra Hart said.

The event took place at the Cocoa Campus. Lasted from 10:30 in the morning to 1:40 in the afternoon. Students were able to sign up a month before the event and bring their parents. They were provided with free pizza and a drink after their first session.

“I signed up in the beginning of April, I’ve been waiting to come to this event. Im very interested in cooking, next year i plan to enroll into their Cocoa campus and join their Culinary class,” SeniorĀ Alex Ben said.

Everyone was assigned sessions in the areas they were interested in. Even if you didn’t pick an area, you were able to walk around and walk into to sessions and take notes in the classes.

“I came to this event to see what they had, I’m one of those seniors who don’t know what their doing after high school. This event helped me a lot, next year i plan to take the Aviation Maintenance class,” Senior Cody Mark said.