Chorus MPA

On Saturday, March 2 chorus member’s will be attending MPA for the first time. Chorus member’s will be singing “The Pasture”, “Hospla Looplsa”, “Bring me Water Sylvie” and “Down by The Riverside”. Also they will be sight reading after every song.

“This is my third year doing chorus and going to MPA. Since December, our choir has been practicing  sight reading and all of our songs. Im looking forward to going to MPA and getting straight superiors,” Senior Makayla Thorton said.

Last year, MPA took place at Heritage High School. The full choir scored superiors and ensemble choir. This year, it will take place at Titusville High School.

“Last year was so fun, Heritage High School is so nice. I met a lot of people who love music like i do. I will never forget the moment Mr.Coppla told us we got superior,” Junior Sarah Pouliot said.

Saturday Morning 15 schools attended MPA at Titusville High School. Full choir made straight excellent, women’s made excellent and ensemble made straight superior.

“I’m in ensemble and so happy we made superior which means our group will be attending state in April and i can’t wait,” Junior Bree Cherubini said.