Final Yearbook Deadline


Darnell Britt, 12, Staff

The yearbook staff just completed final deadline and that means the book is finished.  As of Monday, March 11, all 300 pages of the 2019 yearbook have been submitted to Jostens for printing.

The school year is spent working on the book, but the planning begins in the spring.  Last Arpil, students on the 2018 yearbook staff created and presented yearbook theme projects.  The winning theme was “From Every Angle” created by junior Cheryl Witt, freshman Trevor Storm, and senior Sierra Howard.  Editors of the 2019 staff attended yearbook camp in July and worked on further developing that theme and designing the cover and other parts of the book.

Over the course of the year, Jostens set 5 deadlines with about 60 pages due each deadline.  The staff was on time for 3 of the 5 deadlines and only missed 2 by less than a week each.

“It’s always bittersweet to complete a book.  I can’t wait to see the finished product and share it with the entire school, but it’s sad that we are already done and that means the year is almost over.  I’m very proud of my current staff. They worked really hard and I’m going to miss the seniors next year,” Mrs. Williams said.

The staff will now start thinking of ideas for the 2020 yearbook and will start theme projects in April.  Yearbooks are still for sale if you haven’t purchased your copy of the 2019 book.  Students or parents can go online to to make sure a book is reserved for them in May.  The books are set to be delievered in May and will be handed out to seniors at the senior signing party on Monday, May 20 and all other grades at lunches on May 21.