Pi Day Celebration


The math wing is currently filled with the pi numbers. Thursday, March 14 is National Pi Day.  Some of the math classes are bringing in pies and memorizing the pi numbers.

Mrs. Rendina’s class can receive extra credit if they wear a shirt with something about Pi on it and if they memorize most or all of the entire Pi number.  Mrs. DeVoss also offered extra credit to her students if they brought in pie or other round sweets.

“I’m bringing a lot of cheesecake and apple pie. Cheesecake is one of my favorite pies.  Mrs. DeVoss makes my first block Financial Algebra so much fun,” senior Jenna Landers said.

“I spent all night memorizing the formula to impress Mrs.Rendina.  Not only that, but I also made a whole pi outfit to show my love for Pi Day,” senior Ashley Holland said.

The entire pi number has 2.7 trillion digits in it.  That’s a lot of numbers to memorize, but our students didn’t have to remember all of them.