Boot Camp

It’s just that time of year when graduation status may be in question for some of our seniors.

So, the school invented an Astro Hour boot camp for the seniors with either a D or F in a class, a missing course, or are FA-ing.

“The purpose of this boot camp is for seniors to meet graduation requirements set forth by the district and state. Our single goal is for all seniors to graduate at 7 pm, May 23rd,” Mrs. Miller said.

Depending on the reason for boot camp, whether it would be for grades or a missing course credit, seniors report to various classrooms during Astro Hour. For example, if they needed to fulfill an FLVS credit, they go to the Media Center.

“It’s really good, and it helps me focus with FLVS,” senior Jeffrey Clements said.

In boot camp, students use time for makeup work and tutoring in academic courses. Certified teachers assist them with earning credits through odyssey-ware and virtual school.

“It gives me opportunity to make up work I’m missing, and do work that I didn’t get the night before,” senior Iyona Starkes said.