The Real Deal

Seniors in the Patient Care program are getting ready to take their CNA certification test late April, early May. The seniors have been doing clinical rotations at Royal Oaks nursing home. Clinical’s are basically an internship. The students learn and practice what a CNA would do in the real world.

“I really enjoy taking care of the patients. They are very sweet,” senior Zyferia Lewis said.

Students learn a lot doing clinical rotations. Some of those things are taking patients’ blood pressure, giving prescriptions, and checking vital signs. These tasks get the seniors ready for the real world. During clinical rotations students have to be prepared for anything. Listening, taking notes, and participating are the top 3 things that they need to do.

“I learn something new every time we go to the nursing home,” senior Auburn Andre said.

Once these students take and pass their CNA test, they will receive their CNA license and can more easily find a job right out of high school.