Serving It Safe!


Students in Mrs. Morgenthal’s Nutrition and Food classes take Manager tests and ServSafe tests every spring.

They take ServSafe to qualify for a ServSafe certificate in culinary arts, and to be certified by the United States National Restaurant Association to be a manager of a food establishment.

“This is very valuable because every food establishment in the United States of America must have someone with this certification at all times. The students can get a job within a restaurant industry full-time after graduation or part-time during high school or college,” Mrs. Morgenthal said.

Out of all the students in the Nutrition and Food classes, 27 of them qualified to take the ServSafe test, and only 16 of those students passed it.

“I think it was kind of important because it has a good fitting for the workforce, and provides more job opportunities,” sophomore Austin Fuller said.

Although the students received a Science elective credit for passing the Nutrition and Food class, if they passed the ServSafe manager test, they also receive the Math elective credit. All students who prepared for the ServSafe test gain valuable food safety information to use throughout their lives, and to keep food safe for family, friends, and self.

“It’s nice to cook food and write a couple things down, and get the Math elective credit,” junior Zack Owen said.