Pajama Day


“I think that pajama day is a super nice thing that the administration organized. I was super cozy in my PJ’s while taking my midterms. It was great to just roll out of bed and go to school. Pajama day was definitely a highlight of my high school year so far,” freshmen Abigail Hayes said.


“Pajama day was a great addition to spirit week because it’s an easy and comfortable way to participate. It seems that pajama day has been the most popular out of all the different themes this week. It’s my personal favorite because I get to dress comfy for my exams and it feels like I’m in elementary school again,” senior Kyra Secor said.


“I love pajama day for spirit, especially during exams because I’m already stressed enough so being able to wear comfortable clothes is really fun and they’re Christmas themed. And who doesn’t love Christmas pajamas,” freshman Emily Platt said.


“I feel that this is one of the best spirit days by far because not only do we get to dress comfortably but also cute. It definitely helped because we had exams all day,” senior Kate Lipphardt said.


“This spirit day was by far my favorite because it is the one day I can dress lazily and no one will judge me for it. I finally got to put my Christmas pajamas to use because I never wear them at home. Plus, seeing everyone get their Christmas spirit on before break is really cute to see. Merry Christler,” junior Chyenne Brewer said.  


“I love the Christmas season, so I believe this was one of the best spirit week days yet. Since we have exams we get to dress comfortably but also be in the Christmas spirit all day long. Seeing other students participate in this day makes me happy due to the season,” junior Diamond Sconiers said. 


“I Love pajama day because I did not have to put in any effort today. I woke up and just brushed my teeth and walked out. I love being comfy and showing school spirit,” senior Jaxson Lovell said.

“I love pajama day for spirit week because it’s cute and comfy. I love being festive around the holidays and it’s even better that I can be comfy,” senior Autumn Dooley said.