Key Club!

Key Club is a service club devoted to helping the community and school. It has been missing from Astronaut for about over a decade. Senior Sammy Nevins, the President, and senior Kirstin Comer, Vice President, wanted to bring the club back.

“I thought it would be a good service club to get people involved in, and the teachers that I spoke to about it were all very encouraging,” senior Sammy Nevins said.

So far, they have cut, colored, and laminated bookmarks for elementary school students.

“I am very excited for Key Club. Being able to help people in need makes me feel a sense of accomplishment and pride,” senior Kirstin Comer said.

Key Club members also decided to bring fuzzy socks and put “grips” under them and give them to the Parrish Hospital. Also at every meeting the members bring children books for¬† elementary schools in¬†Brevard.

“Now that it is the end of the year, i hope this club will still be up and running next year. I’m very proud of what this club became. We’ve helped a-lot of people in need and this club will always hold a soft part in my heart,” Senior Sammy Nevins said.