Staying Focused


“These boards have their good and bad sides but I think all said and done, the boards do help the students keep focus more than it helps me,” physics teacher Mr. Lenhart said.


“I like the focus boards because it let’s the students know the standards. They are helpful because it keeps me and the students on task. They explain our week’s goal and what we should be learning, ” Microsoft specialist Mr. Deese said.


“I understand the importance of them and how they help guide my lessons and hopefully let my students know where we are going and what they are learning and why. However, it is a loy of work since I have five classes that I prep for. It is an extra thing that takes more time but I hope in the long run it’ll help my students,” yearbook teacher Mrs. Williams said.


“I’ve heard from the students that they do not pay attention to the focus boards but I still read it to them. They do take up a lot of time. I feel like I can teach the same without the focus boards,” German teacher Mr. Browne said.


“The focus boards are overwhelming to look at and they come off very demanding. Instead of them helping, I feel like they add more stress,” senior Kyra Secor said.


“The focus boards are definitely a help. They are an extra step in teaching and more time consuming. However, I feel like the time is worth it because it keeps me focused, the students focused, and keeps the class in the same direction,” band teacher Mr. Rodriguez said.


“The focus boards are a good idea but sometimes they can look a little confusing. With the right teacher, they can sum down the board to a more simple understanding. However, about half of my teachers do not go over the focus board which leaves the class clueless,” freshman Maximus Austen said.

“The focus boards do not do much, no one uses them, not even the teachers. They do not add a lot to the class either. The point of these boards is unclear and it is nothing the teachers need added to their job,” sophomore Anthony Annan said.