It’s going to Be Good


Quanisha Bowman,12

The wait is over! The Incredible 2 is finally coming out June 15 this summer after 14 long years. The first movie out of the sequel, The Incredibles production companies were Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Pictures, Sony Pictures Studios and many more was released November 5, 2003 with an estimated budget of 92 million dollars. In the US the opening weekend of the movie it earned about $70,467,623 and the worldwide gross was $631,442,092.

“It’s very exciting that The Incredibles sequel is coming out this summer. I will have to take my children and grandchildren to go see it in the movie theaters. I know my daughter will like it very much because when she was little that and the lion king was her favorite movie,” Mrs. Fairchild said.

“Oh My God!!! Are you being serious right now! The Incredibles part two is coming out this summer. You bet your going to see me in the movie theaters this summer. I grew up on that movie,” Senior Tianna Logan said.

Although in The Incredibles 2 there aren’t any estimate on budget of gross income but it is told that the plot summary is Mr. Incredible is left to take care of Jack-Jack while Elastigirl is out saving the world. Sadly it seems with this summary it seems like the sequel won’t be as good as the first like most movies that wait years until deciding to actually have a sequel, but we can’t judge a book by its cover can we? Plus on another note to keep up our spirits just think about Finding Dory. Finding Nemo came out in 2003 and Finding Dory came out in 2016. That is 13 year wait and the sequel was just as good as the first most movie I would say.

“I hope what you say is true about The Incredibles coming out this summer. I remember they did that with Finding Dory for like three years. Telling us it’s going to come out that summer and it be moved to next summer. That was really annoying but worth the wait. If it does come out this summer then I will maybe go see it,” Sophomore Jamarr Bowman said.