Broadway Buzz


“I love getting to experience new musicals that I haven’t seen or heard of. It’s amazing to perform music pieces and then get constructive feedback from others on how to improve myself. It’s a very encouraging and positive atmosphere and it is truly a pleasure being a part of this tiny theater community. Mr Coppola is a great teacher and I am excited to spend my high school years in his class,” Freshman Saraya Wilcox said.


“I am performing ‘stay with me’ from the musical ‘Into the woods’ currently. I decided on this piece because it is very pretty and has a sort of peaceful flow to it. I also love the character that originally sings this song. She is a villain, mother Gothel, and I love villains.,” Sophomore Lexi Barry said.


“I am singing ‘Getcha head in the game’ from ‘High School Musical’  because I love the movie ‘high school musical’. Zac Efron is my idol. I want to be Zac Efron one day. He is such a beautiful, smart, and acclaimed actor.,” Freshman Dionte Ellison said.


“Being a musical theater teacher is honestly my biggest accomplishment. Being able to work with students and help them improve brings joy to my life. Loving what you teach helps kids learn to love it too. I want to be able to help students be able to pursue their dreams of being performers.,” Mr Coppola said. 


“I came into musical theater without having a great voice. I thought I was going to regret it. Mr Coppola and the class helped me to learn voice control and management. I am still not the strongest singer in the class but there is definitely a drastic improvement from the very beginning of the year.,” Freshman Addi Kutasi said.


“I love watching the performances that are put on by the musical theater class. They are always well put together and fun to watch. My best friend’s girlfriend is in musical theater and we love attending to show our support. From what I’ve seen Mr Coppola is a great guy and a good teacher. I am considering taking musical theater myself next year.,” sophomore Tyler Webber said.


“I love getting to sing old songs from many years ago and seeing how long it takes me to learn them. I also really enjoy learning to sing in front of others in very animated voices. The class is just an extremely chill working environment. I would recommend musical theater to anyone that loves the spotlight. This class is a great way to go beyond your comfort zone and meet astounding people.,” freshman Jurnee Mitchell said.


“From my experience taking musical theater, it just wasn’t for me. I am not interested in the theater area so I wouldn’t have taken that class if an arts credit wasn’t permitted. I met a lot of new friends and the class was very non judgemental. Singing was very embarrassing but the students around me did not make me feel bad about it, they just lifted me up.,” sophomore Lucy Seabrook said.