Black Panther Movie Review

Anna Davis, 10

Black Panther was officially released on February 16th for everyone in America to see and it really was a cinematic masterpiece. The movie was hyped up through numerous commercials and interviews, but Black Panther lived up to its hype and most definitely surpassed all expectations. Every single aspect of this movie was flawless like the chemistry between the actors and actresses was undeniable.

One of the factors that makes Black Panther mystical and sensational is how every little thing was detailed and deeply thought about ,for example, the Dora Milaje costumes was surprisingly similar to the wardrobe of an actual African tribe. Another truly mindblowing thing that makes Black Panther different from other movies is it didn’t follow the cliché where a character drops their belief when something bad happens and goes to the other side. Of course this movie makes it known that it’s a Marvel production with all of its sarcasm and light (sometimes dark) humor.

One of my favorite parts of this movie is how the antagonist aka Eric Killmonger cannot be viewed as truly evil because the motive behind his actions are understandable as well as relatable. This will constantly have viewers switching back and forth between sides, but what makes that so fascinating is it’s like a lesson about how sometimes bad and good aren’t black and white, but instead there’s a grey area between the two. Now along with the outer dilemma that viewers are made aware of there is an undertone reoccurring dilemma as well and that is the line between keeping tradition and making your own traditions.

In my opinion this movie is most definitely a 10/10 highly recommend because every little thing was thoughtfully done from the opening credits to the second to last closing credits. Anyone who watches Black Panther will truly learn valuable life lessons.