Top 10 Best Disney Movies.

10.) Brother Bear. (2003)
A bear kills Kenai’s brother and in vengeance Kenai kills that bear and transforms into one himself. I think this is a great Disney film because of the comedy and emotions that comes with the characters.

9.) Lilo and Stitch. (2002)
I grew up watching the movies and show but I think it’s one of the best because of how adventurous it is and the creativity.

8.) Inside Out. (2015)
Inside Out is about a girl named Riley and how her emotions control her. Joy and Sadness accidentally leave their positions and go on a journey to make Riley happy again. This movie has a lot of emotions in it and it brought something new and different.

7.) Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. (2017)
I love pirates and all of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies are hilarious. Graphics play a huge roll on as to why this movie is so great. The bad pirates are half dead/alive and it’s realistic, it was a bit different from the rest of the movies.

6.) Bridge to Terabithia. (2007)
Two young kids let their imagination come alive in an abandon treehouse where they create a kingdom known as Terabithia. With a plot twist and amazing storyline I think this is one of Disney’s greatest films.

5.) Finding Nemo. (2003)

Finding Nemo isn’t old and it’s a classic movie. Nemo gets kidnapped and his father Marlin sets out on an adventure to find him with another fish named Dory who has short term memory lost.

4.) Monsters Inc. (2001)

Monsters scaring children for power (literally). Monsters aren’t allowed to touch or be with humans so when Mary (Boo) meets Sully and Mike a lot of trouble happens.

3.) The Little Mermaid. (1989)
The story about a mermaid named Ariel who dreams about life on water makes a dangerous deal with a sea witch and she signs a contract saying her love interest Prince Eric will kiss her before the third sunset and she will stay human. The only problem is that Ariel’s voice gets taken away from the witch.

2.) Hercules. (1997)
The muses make this movie greater than it already is. Hercules is a demi god that struggles to fit in until he becomes famous. He falls in love with Meg (Hades assistant) and he later goes to marry her. This is a good film because of the way it was made.

1.) Mulan. (1998)
I watch Mulan almost every day. Mulan is about a girl who makes herself look like a man so her father won’t have to fight in another war. This movie is dramatic, funny, beautiful, and emotional. The songs are very catchy and well thought out. I definitely recommend it if you have never watched it.