Social Butterflies


Students around Astronaut High explore and share about their favorite social media.  

                Social media came around in the early 2000s. Teens all around the world spend time having fun on all different kinds of social media.   

                 “ My favorite social media is Tiktok, I like how it keeps me entertained for hours on end. I get to forget about all my responsibilities and lay in my bed scrolling miles with my thumb. I make videos for my drafts all the time. I spend 6 hours on it each day according to my screen time,” junior Chyenne Brewer said.

                             Tiktok is a filming app in which you can share videos on any topic using any choice of audio/music. The videos can be as short as 15 seconds and all the way up to 3 minutes. Users on TikTok can go live as well as comment and like other user’s videos.

                              “ My favorite social media is Snapchat. I use that app the most. I love using all the snapchat filters and talking to my friends by sending funny pictures and videos. It is a great place to interact with friends,” senior Matthew Abston said.

                                Snapchat is an app where you can message and snap your friends pictures, videos, and even drawing. After the snap is sent it “disappears” unless saved. This app is mostly popular with teens. 

                                “My favorite social media is Facebook, it’s my favorite because I get to be updated on all the things happening, such as the groups I follow on there. I follow Titusville crime on Facebook. I love that I can connect with my family there as well. That is where my family posts the most,” senior Lilian Swoyer said.

                                  Facebook is an app where you can connect with friends and share posts, pictures, and videos. Most teens here love using their gadgets to scroll on social media!