Hungry but can’t wait till lunch? We got you.



     Hungry but can’t wait till lunch? We got you.The students and staff are glad we have many vending machines all around the school. They are filled with many different snacks and drinks for anyone to take.

   “I use the school’s vending machines pretty much everyday between classes to get a quick snack to hold me over until lunch or till I get home,” sophomore Gavin Richards said.

      The vending machines seem to be a big hit for these high schoolers and workers. They run out very quickly here, which is a good thing.

   “The machines are filled with a variety of healthy snacks, low carb and calorie and also with many good and refreshing drinks. They are also priced at an affordable rate in my opinion, keeping the prices the same as in the lunch line,” freshman Kaiya Meeks said.

      The students get the option to choose any machine around campus and they get to choose which form of pay they want to use: cash card, or coin.

    “The vending machines are open all day everyday which is a major plus for me because I like to use them at lunch when i’m not that hungry for a whole meal but maybe just a bag of chips and a drink I don’t have to wait in the long lunch line, I can just go to a vending machine and pay the same amount as if i got it from the cafe,” freshman Catalina Herida said.

    The students seem to really enjoy having the opportunity to get a snack or drink everyday.

 “In my opinion I think the snack options are a great pick, they are pretty healthy and they come with enough to fill you up,” sophomore Janette Moser said.