Mr. Nobody Movie Review.

Sometimes decision making is hard to do because you may not know what the outcome will be. In the movie Mr. Nobody Jared Leto shows us the possible outcomes of Nemo Nobody’s life.

It’s the year 2092 and Nemo is the last living mortal. Even though he is 118 years old he still believes he is 34 and his life is very unclear to himself and everyone around him. Once he comes to realization with his age an interviewer asks him about his life and who he was.

Nemo reflects and goes back into the past and explores the lives he could have led by simple decisions he made. Depending on if he chose to live with his mother or father he would end up marrying three women by the names of Elise, Jeanne, and Anna.

“It’s interesting I’d watch it. It’s weird how he lives three different lives at the same time. How’d he do that?,” Sophomore Amanda Maddox said. Nemo’s life seems to be going backwards, one morning he wakes up he sees everyone walking and doing things backwards.

“I’d definitely watch it. It’s interesting that he doesn’t know what’s going on or what life was the right one,” Sophomore Ashley Byrge said.

Throughout the entire movie Nemo is confused with who he is. At one point he wakes up by his pool saying “Elise” and then seeing his wife Jeanne and saying “Jeanne” when he wakes up by Elise. He even calls his kids the wrongs names never knowing why and who they are. As time goes on, his lives get mashed together. One day he receives photos of him and is other family not knowing who they are.

“I’d absolutely watch it. It’s unique and thought provoking. It made me think about things I normally wouldn’t,” Mrs. Schuller said. Mr. Nobody was released in 2009 and has ratings of 7.9/10 on IMDB and 4/5 on Common Sense Media. Would you watch it?