Senior Superlatives: More Than a Popularity Contest


This year new superlatives were added to keep the topics interesting and different.
“I feel that senior superlatives cover a wide variety of topics, which allows everyone to be included. In my opinion, the superlatives this year don’t just cover girl things like best hair, makeup, or clothing wise. Most likely to become president was my favorite one because anyone in the entire school could win that,” senior Haylie Kennedy said.
Secretly each student hopes to win a superlative. Some students had trouble deciding which superlative fit them best.
“I think that I would most likely win the president one if I won any. I constantly speak my mind about politics in class whether it is good or bad. I enjoy talking about it because I care about the future and direction of America,” senior Laith Hatoum said.
This year’s senior superlatives were mostly based on personality rather than physical attributes.
“I really feel that the senior superlatives are appropriate this year when taken in context. It is supposed to be a thing of enjoyment that is meant to not be taken in a serious manner. Being surprised about what I won would be something I would look forward to. I would feel honored that my entire class thought of me for something. I hope Astronaut continues this event for many years so that when students graduate they will always have something memorable to treasure forever,” Mrs. Fairchild said.