Welcome To the Jungle.

Jumanji was released to theaters December 20th, 2017. As a sequel to the original movie Jumanji that was released December 15, 1995. The movie in 2017 was a huge hit with a gross revenue of $822.70 million. In the movie it was taken place where the kids were in detention and drawn to a video game. The students turned on the game and picked their characters and within minutes they got pulled into the game and turned into the characters they picked. When they entered the game it was full of confusion because no one knew what was going on and panicked. Soon they realized they only had 3 lives and had to make it out of the game alive or they wouldn’t get to return home. They find out what each players weakness and try their best to avoid those. Throughout the movie they go through and defeat different levels without trying to get killed and work together as a team to defeat the opponents. Following the map they find their other team player who has been trapped in the game for years who is the piolet. He ends up helping them get to the final round in the game and defeat the game and return back to the year they entered the game. Over all this movie is a must see.