Juniors Becoming Seniors

The upcoming seniors this week on Monday may 6th are getting their crowns and senior shirts. The class of 2020 is preparing to be the leaders of the campus after graduation of class 2019. Juniors can get their crowns from burger king or make their own.After graduation on may 24th the seniors will no longer be on campus, Then the upcoming seniors can wear their senior shirts. Mrs.cerrato will be selling senior shirts Monday through next Friday. The long sleeve shirts are fifteen dollars and the short sleeve shirts are ten dollars.

“Our senior shirts are raw”, Junior darionna smith said.

Continuing the tradition the juniors are coming to their time to shine.

“It feels great to become a senior”, Junior lorry brown said

Every junior feels excited that they are becoming seniors. Now they finally can think about what they want to be or want to do after high school and look into colleges if their going.