Ready, Set, Run


Track season has started and the team has been working hard to win and achieve individual and team goals at their meets. Athletes have been preparing at practices.

“The first thing i do is stretch and warm up to get ready. Then I get my pole and go check in and practice before I compete,” junior Cali Dempsey said.

Practices run four days a week Monday through Thursday and then they have a meet on Fridays. Practices are set up so that everyone will be ready for meet days. There is a daily routine that includes a half an hour warm-up followed by training to build endurance. Special events are also practiced by doing drills made to enhance their running,

“We try to prepare our athletes as best as possible at practice to go out and perform the best they can. Setting up for a home meet usually takes place on the Thursday before the meet  and we go out and get the supplies needed to be able to grab and get the meet started on Fridays. The biggest thing we need to prepare for a meet are volunteers. We need people to come out and help with different events so that the meets can move along faster,” Mr. Bundy said.

These athletes must be in the correct mindset to be ready to compete.

“For a meet, I warm up and stretch and just relax and try not to be nervous. I try my best while having fun,” freshman Andon Morales said.

Different events have different amounts of athletes signed up to compete, therefore it is important to stay calm and save all their energy to for the different competitions.