Class of 2K18


January 19th, 2018, Astronaut High School held their third senior class meeting. The main topics that were being discussed were senior legacy, which is when the entire senior class donates a certain amount of money towards something to leave their legacy behind. An example would be a banner with a quote. Grad bash was another topic that brought up the celebration of the entire class graduating. Senior prank was barely talked about due to the top secret ideas that the executive board is coming up with.

“The executive board and I have discussed a few things we wanted to do for senior prank. Some things might not be allowed but the first idea was to make a waterslide ramp down the main staircase. It would be something new and fun to see. I really want to be original with our class and not do something the recent classes have done when they graduated. Our second pick was filling the pit with water and putting fake fish in it that were able to float. In my opinion I think everyone would get a kick out of it. If we couldn’t get that past the school administrators I at least wanted to put bird chirping noises in the ceiling tiles so if people walked under them it would chirp and make them wonder where the sound was coming from,” senior vice president Eliana Murray said.

“Grad bash is something we do every year, at the end of the year, for seniors only. It is a celebration for the graduating class, and it just lets seniors have a good time at an amusement park for the night. Usually we are all only there for a few hours with other visitors and then the park closes and lets every senior class stay after until around 2:00 A.M. Sometimes there is even a famous singer that comes to the park and puts on a short concert for the students. It is something the students have really seemed to enjoy. This our only option was Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure, but in my opinion the senior class will make the best out of it,” senior class advisor Amy Redfern said.

“I stumbled through a couple of options for senior legacy. I wasn’t completely sure what everyone wanted, so I started going through what the past couple of classes have done when the graduated. The senior class banner has been one of the senior legacies for many years now, so I knew that that should be an option because most classes enjoy that. Then I wanted to be original and create one of my own. In my opinion I thought it would be cool to do college flags and hang them up around the school with our names on the flags stating where we will be attending college. It shows how far we have come in life, and it shows our improvements as well. It shows the underclassmen that anyone can conquer high school and follow through with their dreams,” senior class President Makaley Rendina said.