High School Students Square up

Fighting in school has always been a problem teachers try to resolve. Students have many reasons for throwing hands ranging from boys to simple gossip. The consequences for fighting are more serious than you may think. “The district has a zero tolerance when it comes to fighting so even if the school just suspends a student if the district chooses to go over our heads and expel the student they can” Mr. Hanson said.

Some students don’t agree with fighting because of the serious consequences it can have on ones future. If you’ve been in a fight or suspended you can’t join SGA or NHS, which are some of the more popular clubs at our school. “I’ve never seen the point in fighting. There are different ways that I can communicate with someone without getting physical. And I’m going to UCF next year I don’t want them seeing that on my transcript” Senior Eliana Murray said.

However, other students are quick to square up if they feel it’s necessary. “I like fighting but I’ll only do it if I’m provoked. I’m not dumb enough to fight at school but if anyone wants to meet up after school I am okay with that. I’ve never lost a fight.” Senior Jasmyn Williams said.