Teachers Have Lives?

Since childhood, an age-old question existed in the minds of every kid in school: What do teachers actually do in their spare time? Do they disappear as soon as the bell rings, or do they actually live in their classrooms after hours? I decided to set out to find answers to this unsolved mystery.

I offered teachers with a scenario: It’s Friday night. There are no papers to grade and you’ve finished all your lessons for the week. What are you doing?

“I would be watching Christmas movies and playing board games with my family,” art teacher Carina Rachow said.

“Usually I’m home with my husband and daughters doing whatever. Either we have something going on or we’re at home watching movies or playing,” yearbook teacher Callie Williams said.

Mrs. Rachow and Mrs. Williams tend to be more family-oriented in their free time, similar to most teachers, but unlike some.

“I usually go and assist old ladies across the street and anything I can do to make the community better,” math teacher Jeff Landers said.

Some teachers, like Mr. Landers, blatantly lied. While some teachers spend time with their families, Mr. Landers chooses not to do that.

“I am juggling my children’s schedules. They’re cray cray. I’m decompressing, I’m in my pajamas, I order pizza, and I’m going to bed by eight,” guidance counselor Erin Lelle said.

So what do teachers do in their free time? They spend time with their family, chill out, and help the community. Another mystery solved.