Senioritis, Real or Fake

Senioritis seems to be a common thing towards the end of the year, some students get bored because they might not have many core classes or they might have release blocks so the fact of coming to a place and doing nothing might be a little bit difficult for them.

“Due to the fact of me being a senior, I have release blocks and mainly elective classes. A lot of the time we don’t have to do anything in the elective blocks, so the day goes by so slow. When we aren’t very productive you get in the mindset that you don’t have to show up to school if you’re not busy. I really get senioritis because I only have three core classes so there’s not much for me to do,” senior Destiny Curran said.

While some seniors get senioritis others don’t, some are very driven and don’t put any slack into their school work.

“I think at times I might get a little senioritis, but since I am pregnant I am working to get my education to go further and be able to get a better job to be able to provide for myself and my baby when he comes,” senior Danielle Hall said.

The most common reason is the end of the year seems to be going by very slow and senior’s get antsy waiting for the final day.

“I get senioritis because I know that graduation is coming soon but it feels like it’s taking forever to get here. Especially in this point in the year there isn’t very many breaks off so you get a little tired and just decide to take breaks from the work, and classes,” senior Keriann Velez said.