Making a Difference


Sources of Strength is a positive program here at Astronaut. Sources of strength promotes students building up self confidence and being a positive influence on others.  It promotes and focuses on connectivity, school bonding, peer-adult partnerships, and help seeking behaviors. Ultimately preventing bullying, suicide and substance abuse.

“My first year being apart of Sources of Strength and it’s very beneficial to the students feeling down or not worthy,” senior Sierra Stuart said.

Sources of Strength focuses on 6 strengths which are family support, mentors, positive friends, generosity, spirituality, and medical access and mental health. These strengths together can cause change.  The idea is to activate these strengths in order to make positive changes in individuals and the greater community.

“I received a Sources of Strength encouragement letter around Valentine’s Day and it helped me get through some things and feel better.  My letter was written to lift me up and it really did,” freshmen Shamya Joiner said.

If you are interested in joinin SOS, you should see Mrs. Gordon, the club sponsor.  Her office is located in the media center.  If you or a friend are in need of help for any reason please talk to an adult or see Mrs. Gordon.