Eagles Market


Emily Colon, 12, Editor

Starting the year with a new market for the student’s and their families who are struggling with finances and unable to meet their basic needs. Eagles market is open Mondays, Wednesdays during power hour and Fridays right after school.

“The guidance department has seen an increase of students/families that are struggling financially and are unable to meet basic needs. Such as food, school supplies etc, astronaut high school wanted to come alongside to help the students in need and support them,” Mrs.Gordon said.  

Not only does the school tributes to the eagle’s market but also second harvest food bank, truth free will baptist church and none hungry food pantry.

“Second Harvest food bank is where the majority of where the food comes from and is where the eagles market originated. Truth free will baptist church purchased and assembled all the shelving and committed to monthly financing donations to the school,” Mrs.Gordon said.

The eagle’s market offers drinks, individual snacks as well a family sized meals. Also another room full of clothes for students in need.

“It’s amazing the school has a market full of food and more amazing stuff. Not only it’s free for everyone but seeing that the school wanting to help all the students and families makes me so happy and i now respect the school so much for that,” senior Ameya Arnold said.