Making Way For Prom Royalty

Make way for royalty!

On Monday, May 6th, students and voted for prom court; juniors voted for prom prince and prom princess, while seniors voted for prom king and queen. The teachers and staff chose the prom court nominees.

The five prom prince nominees were Javon Garvin, Josiah Johnson, Ryan Minnear, Gavin O’Brien, and Tripp Skinner. The five prom princess nominees were Brianna Hendrix, Delaney Lumpkin, Alisa Rendina, Rori Rhodes, and Hailey Thompson.

The three prom king nominees were Wyatt Gillingham, Benjamin Scarpino, and Kevin Shinskie. The three prom queen nominees were Hailey Hermanson, Ashley Holland, and Jenna Landers.

In the end, the 2019 prom prince was Javon Garvin, and the 2019 prom princess was Delaney Lumpkin. The 2019 prom king and queen will be crowned at prom night on May 11th.