Live Love Paws


Club Live Love Paws is a club “with a mission to promote awareness of adoption, spay, neuter, overpopulation, and euthanasia of animals” said Mrs. Hall, club supervisor. Each Wednesday is a Public service announcement to show support called, “Wagging Wednesday”. To buy any jackets or shirts to participate in the school wide wagging Wednesday see Mrs. Hall the last day to order is January 31st. And If interested in joining the club there is meetings every 1st and 3rd of every month, (Wednesday the second half of Asto hour in Mrs. Halls classroom.) Every week the club posts pets of the week, it includes one cat and one dog in search of finding their forever home. All The pets posted are located at the local SPCA of Titusville and all profits go to the local SPCA of Titusville. The club has also participated in baking all natural dog treats for the pets and took them to the SPCA of Titusville. It is for a good paws!