Club Commitment

Quanisha Bowman,12

When you think of clubs and not the nighttime kind of clubs you can think school where there is art, music, student government, Literacy, video games, drama and many more clubs. Most students would tell you that being in a club is fun and you get to do a bunch of cool things. For example the music club could volunteer to sing at special events like a Magic Game perhaps, or Art club decides to paint something big for breast cancer awareness month to so others that they care. Some people that aren’t in a club would tell you that it is a waste of time, money, and effort to be in a club that won’t matter in the future, which many successful people would disagree. Now back to the people that are in clubs. These people love to be in their clubs. To help out whenever they can and talk to someone when they can’t make something on time.
“Sometimes when in a club the leaders or presidents do have to understand that life happens. No one can stop what is going to happen in the future and if someone were to miss club meeting then they should find out by asking the person and not assuming that their club member doesn’t make an effort,” Ms. Huffman said.
“I think being in a club is great for learning how to work in a group and how to talk to others socially. I would always recommend someone to join a group when they join high school. Not only are there fun things to do when in a club but it could help you when writing a college application.” Senior, Ashley Shinn said.
Even though there are people who has joined clubs some of those people don’t care about their clubs. They rarely come when a club meet is called and if they do they do nothing but sit around and wait for the club meeting to end. This should be a big no-no when in a club because it is an extra activity done on your own time. When joining a club you should give it your all whatever you can and whenever you can. This is called commitment. When joining a club the first thing you should ask is ‘Am I ready for this? Will I actually commit to it?’
“I believe the two key things you need other than great leaders in a club is respect for others and commitment to the club. There will always be some sort of drama in the club that could have started or has been going on for a while and I don’t believe that these people should bring that drama into the club because that could make everything really difficult. I am not saying they should like each other or even love but respect. Now commitment is needed because if no one cares and never bothers to help out or show up then what’s the point of having a club that nobody does anything in.” Sophomore, Cassandra Siverson said.