Recapping the Maze Runner: Death Cure

Anna Davis, 10

The highly praised movie trilogy has finally come to its end after releasing the highly anticipated death cure last Friday. Picking up where the trailer left off aka the train robbing scene, all viewers are reminded of the glader’s new dilemma shown in Scorch Trials closing scene when Minho was captured by the all-powerful WICKED due to Teresa’s shocking betrayal. In present time, the train robber is technically successful but to Thomas and Newt’s dismay Minho was not on the separated train car. When the two gladers + Right Arm Movement arrive back at their home base, Thomas tries to convince Vince to plan another rescue mission but gets turned down to the high risk and lack of reliable information. Later that day, Newt shows Thomas his best kept secret-he’s infected with the Flare but forces Thomas to promise that Minho’s rescue will be his top priority and won’t let Newt’s illness complicate that.


Now the movie did have a few plot twists that were not explicitly stated or hinted at in the book, but nevertheless, Death Cure’s plot was consistent throughout the entire movie and the flow was natural meaning it didn’t feel forced. Every second kept viewers on their toes and tense, not knowing what other obstacle would be thrown in the gladers path. Also, in order to balance out the film’s harshness and despair, the movie’s director added in three heart wrenching scenes that would leave any viewers sitting back in their seats a little after the movie has ended, sobbing their eyes out. On top of that the movie as a whole will leave viewers in their seats stunned and amazed of the well put together masterpiece that they have just watched. I would definitely rate Death Cure 10/10 and definitely recommend it for anybody questioning what to see this weekend.