ESE Students

Thalia Vanto, 12

While most students are concerned about their homework and their looks in the mirror, some other students worry about not being able to walk or talk or do things normal people do. Ms. Andrews and Mrs. Corbin teach and provide for students with disabilities such as cerebral palsy and Down syndrome.

“The students learn about money, job skills, and cooking. They also read books, play learning games, and learn how to get along with others,” Ms. Andrews said.

Sometimes, seniors would come in during student aid periods and help the students. They read to the students and do activities with them and the teachers. Some of them work with Ms. Andrews, while others work with Mrs. Corbin. In Mrs. Corbin’s class, the students do some of the same things, except they are wheelchair bound and fed by the adults and senior peer tutors and sometimes changed and put to bed.

“It is different because they feel and do things differently than you. My older brother is mentally disabled”, senior William Bailey said.

Mr. Quam teaches Access Algebra and Learning Strategies to students with disabilities such as autism and ADHD. The students there do basic math equations and learn similar things to what Ms. Andrews’s students learn.

“We do science, learn Access Algebra, and read books”, senior Irene Woodruff said.