Valentine’s Day Blues

Valentines Day Blues

Joiah Roberson, 12, Editor

As someone who has literally never had a boyfriend, holidays like Valentine’s Day earn a substantial amount of eye rolls from me. It’s weird because when I was younger I used to love this holiday, but now that I’m in high school it’s a day that I would much rather skip. I realized that it’s not the holiday I don’t like, it’s all the posts I’m going to see on Instagram and Snapchat of couples giving each other gifts. So, here’s a list of 10 things you can do on Valentine’s Day without a valentine


  1. Eat a whole pizza
  2. Nap
  3. Target browsing
  4. Online shopping
  5. Look at cute boys on Instagram
  6. Make cookies
  7. Have a photoshoot with my cat
  8. Try a new makeup look
  9. Get my nails done
  10. Do a facemask


Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples and it doesn’t have to be a sad day if you’re single. There’s more to the day then going to dinner with a boy you probably won’t even be together with in 3 years.