American Assassin Review

Jennifer Dumont, 9

American Assassin, staring Dylan O’Brien as the main character, was released September 8th, 2017. Once it starts out, it’s very subtle and somewhat intense. Dylan O’Brien was a perfect fit for the role of Mitch Rapp. He showed less emotion when needed and showed emotion when needed.
Now, in the beginning of the movie, it’s full of emotion and chaos. As the story builds, Mitch Rapp shows he is very determined to meet his goal of revenge. When that isn’t met, he turns to another option to let all of his anger out, becoming an “American Assassin”, which is basically a legal international killer.
The plot always thickens when Mitch is a sort of rebel with his job. For example, when one of his allies is actually a fake and is working for the bad guy. Or when he was on a job and him and his allies realize it’s an American attempting genocide on America.
All of the times something goes wrong, or when something unexpected happens, it lets Mitch grow with his success and his emotional recovery. The sad thing is, there most likely will never be peace with his emotions because his past will never be accepted. In conclusion, this movie is for people who like action and very thick plots.