Books with a Bite!

Books with a bite is basically the schools version of the FTR club. The Florida Teens Read (FTR) program is a student- choice reading award program to determine which YA (young author) book wins the annual award as the favorite of teens in Florida. The reading list is comprised of fifteen titles that have been chosen by a committee of twelve school librarians specifically to engage high school students in reading and reflect their interests as in what they liked out of the book or what they didn’t like. Every book chosen is its different genre from mystery to the cliché romantic “love at first sight.”
“I believe that the FTR program is very good for kids. When they usually read the books and we all get together to discuss about it, it really surprises me what the kids find interesting and remembering the little details that even I didn’t pick up that foreshadow the book,” Mrs. Schuller said.
“I have been in Books with a Bite since my freshman year and I basically just think of it as a Literature class. We can talk about what we liked in the book and even argue with each other on who was the best in the book. Being able to read what we want and talk about on a very great timetable is honestly a stress reliever to be able to take a break from school and work,” senior Julia Morrison said.
At the end of each month on a Thursday the club usually gets together in the schools media center and talks about the recent book that was assigned at the beginning of the month. Also Mrs. Schuller usually brings doughnuts for the children to snack and come on. Who do you know that doesn’t like doughnuts? Especially when they come from Dunkin Doughnuts.
“ I just recently joined the club mostly for the doughnuts that was being offered to the other students in the club but once I got into it and seen everyone talking about the book they recently read and laughing on parts that I wish I understood also I will have to say that I really regret not joining the club when I was freshman. I would definitely recommend anyone who loves to read and eat doughnuts to join the club. It’s a fun thing to participate in,” senior Tianna Logan said.