The Best Gift Received on Christmas Day

Amber Ryan, 12

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Christmas day is a celebration of Jesus Christ’s birthday. It is celebrated through spending time with close family and friends. Gifts are given on this day to symbolize the celebration of this special event.

“Surprisingly, I didn’t expect to get much. My family usually only gets one another one specific gift because we mainly treasure family on a day this special. The gift I liked the most was my brother coming home from college. I only see him around three times a years because he is consistently traveling or working. It was a gift I hope to enjoy again sometime soon,” senior Laith hatoum said.

“I adore spending time with family. But to be completely honest, my favorite gift I received was all the gift cards I got. My all time, most liked thing to do is shop. Getting new clothes and accessories is something I look forward to because I like to mix and match different things to make each outfit look a little different every time I wear it. It makes me wonder if I should look into fashion design as a career in college,” senior Haylie Kennedy said.

“Sentimental things always get to me the most on Christmas day. I have an app on my phone called Pinterest. On this app you can like and pin things that you want or need. It also helps with artistic ideas if anyone ever wanted to make or build something of their own. There was a specific desk that I admired and pinned a lot. My husband surprised me on Christmas day with this beautiful desk, but what I admired the most was that he built it himself. The fact that he actually took the time to do that, made Christmas day even more special,” Mrs. Williams said.

Christmas day varies for many people. Each person may treasure something different. It was shown that sentimental gifts can be just as heartwarming as things bought from a store. The best gift on Christmas depends on what a person values the most

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