Hero’s VS. Villains

Lauren Campbell, 12, Editor-in-chief

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“I dressed up as wonder women for spirit week because I thought it would fun. I didn’t really like the spirit week themes especially Monday and Tuesday because it was the same as last year which sucked because I wanted new themes. It was fun over all. My favorite day for spirit week as color wars,” sophomore Lena Shaw said.

“I dressed up as the Grinch because he is the biggest villain in history. This was my last spirit week so I had to go all out for it and make it the best one I’ve partaken in. I had a lot of fun with this and I even played the Grinch theme song everywhere I went. So many people laughed,” senior Hunter Layne said.

“Spirit week is my favorite week of school because you ca dress up and do a bunch of different things. I fun dressing up as Franken Stine and doing my makeup for the occasion. I am sad this is my last year of spirit week because I won’t be here anymore,” senior Tiana Logan said.

“The students dressed up great, I loved seeing everyone participate in heroes vs. villain’s day. I dressed up as super gay. All my students laughed and enjoyed what I was wearing. My favorite was seeing Hunter Layne as the Grinch, it was funny,” Dr. Gay said.

“I absolutely hated all the days for spirit week besides Mercia Monday and heroes vs. villains. It was very cool seeing how creative everyone was. Most of my friends didn’t dress up for this day. I wish spirit week was better than what it actually was,” senior Olivia Pavick said.

“I did my make up to make me look like the joker. I even sprayed washable green hair die in my hair to give me green hair. This was my favorite day for spirit week because I love seeing people participate and have fun with the themes for different days. I got complimented several times on my makeup,” junior Ashley Holland said

“I loved seeing Mrs. Miller dressed up as batman because that is my favorite character of all time. I didn’t have anything batman or else I would have dressed up as the same thing. I dressed up as wonder women instead of batman. It was my first spirit week and I had a lot of fun,” freshman Jasmine White said.

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