Anna Davis’s Transfer Troubles

Anna Davis, News Reporter

Starting at a new school in the middle of a semester as a new student can be pretty terrifying for some teenagers especially if they have social anxiety or they are an introvert. The thought of starting at Astronaut High freaked me out a little bit which is understandable because I didn’t know anyone there. Other new kids may relate to this as well but there is no need to worry as many schools are like astronaut where the first step is to request a transfer notice and have it filled out by teachers of the current school. The next step is bring it to the new school’s front office which in this case is Astronaut High so the transfer student would go to student services and also choose classes for all seven periods. Another thing that will ease the new student’s worries is two guides who are seasoned students will show the transfer around to all of their classes. If the new student has questions or needs to see their counselor astronaut hour is the perfect time to do so. All in all there is no need for the new student to worry too much about their first day at AHS.