Senior Skip Day

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The first senior skip day of the year was set for Friday October 27th, 2017 but things didn’t go as planned. THS President Emmy Estes, planned the skip day for October 27th for both Astronaut and Titusville, a picture with the details circulated around students.
“I’m friends with a lot of astronaut students so I talked to Eliana Murray and Kinjal Patel and asked them to post about the skip day on their social medias and let their friends know. Even though our schools are rivals we’re all seniors with the same goals.” THS senior Emmy Estes said.
But then another picture began circulating declaring the skip day to be on Wednesday October 25th. Seniors got extremely confused and half of the seniors ended up skipping on Wednesday and then another half skipped on Friday. A trip to sky zone and the beach were planned for both but neither happened due to the lack of people attending.
“I skipped on Wednesday and I was supposed to go to sky zone but I ended up just sleeping all day and catching up on homework. It was fine with me though because I needed a break from school anyway” senior Jasmine Sears said.
Some seniors decided to save their skip days and didn’t participate. A few people had already exceeded the number of absences their allowed to have for the semester and weren’t able to participate.
“My mom wouldn’t let me skip because I was late to my first period the other day but she ended up checking me out around 12:30. I didn’t do anything special I just went to the pumpkin patch with my friends. I wish all of the seniors got together and did something.” senior Olivia Diggs said.

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