Exam Preparation

Brooklynne Tenedini, 12

Exam week can be a stressful time for students everywhere. Universities even have a fitting term for the week before exams when big projects and assignments are due: “dead week”. How students prepare for exams can be crucial or their success, especially in cases wherein exams make up a large portion of students’ final grades. Studying habits can make or break students in exam season.
“What helps me best is to study a little bit the night before, but honestly I usually end up studying right before the actual exam,” senior Quanisha Bowman said.
Some students find cramming right before a test grants them the best results, seeing as how the information will be fresh in their minds. According to USA Today, however, cramming for an exam can be the most ineffective studying habit.
“I do practice problems and watch videos to review. My mom really cares about my grades so I spend a lot of time studying,” senior Haley Fauteux said.
Other students spend their nights studying and reviewing exam material.
“I usually meet up with friends in my class to go over the material and quiz each other,” freshman Gage Tenedini said.
There are a wide variety of studying techniques students can use to prepare for exams. Though some professionals might disagree on the most effective studying habits, students should and ultimately will stick to what has worked for them so far in life.