Mural Of the Year!

For a couple of weeks, the auditorium is due for a makeover as the National Art Honors Society begins to begin’s to paint a new mural in its lobby.

“Its so cool that the Fine Arts Academy asked us to paint the whole lobby of the auditorium. Painting is one of my passions, and its awesome my art will be in the lobby of the auditorium,” Senior Gabby Maggard said.

Senior Gabby Maggard is the president of the National Art Honors Society. As well as senior Gabbie Rochon, junior Kayla Davis, Haley Iff, Charm Thomas and Amaya Alvarez Rivon.

“It’s so crazy how the National Art Honors Society has grown in the past 4 years. Now it’s my last year and I am going to miss everyone and my art ,” Senior Gabby Maggard said.

Last year,  the club painted the entrance and the exit of a church in Titusville. This is the first year the club  has painted a mural in the school. This mural is going to represent all the fine arts.

“The fact this is our first year painting a mural at my school is awesome. It’s crazy what I draw on that mural, will be there for awhile. I am very honored and hope the mural will be down by the end of this year,” Senior Gabbie Rochon said.