The Importance of Food Science

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The Importance of Food Science

Thalia Vanto, 12

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To prepare them for life after high school, culinary teachers teach students to cook food in other ways than just using a microwave.

Mrs. Morgenthal teaches Principles of Food Prep and Food Science to students.

“I love it when my students learn a new cooking technique and enjoy eating the food they cook,” Mrs. Morgenthal said.

Students in Food Prep classes learn about food safety every day and cook on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

“I liked making cookies because cookies are my favorite,” sophomore Kaylynn Gil said.

Students in Food Science and Safety, a year-long class, study for an upcoming ServSafe test in the spring.

“I learned about foodborne illnesses and how fast bacteria can spread because without knowing it, I would get foodborne illness,” senior Kaitlyn Rankin said.

Food Science and Safety also counts as either a math elective and/or a Science credit. There are three levels of food prep, according to Safe Quality Food Institute.

“I think it’s an important life skill that will enhance their lives now and in the years to come,” Mrs. Morgenthal said.

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