Taking a Step Closer to College With AVID

Mikayla Maurer, 9

Avid is a new program that has been introduced to our school to prep students for college success and exposes students to understanding college in every aspect by talking about it and even visiting a few campuses along the way.
“We have an awesome leader on our campus, our principle, who chose to adopt avid at our school and she knew that it would benefit the students and it would also increase the number of students that even consider college as well as students that are accepted into college,” Mrs. Hallock said.
Our school has to be proficient and meet the requirements in four categories; instruction, leadership, culture, and systems to even be deemed as an avid school. This program prepares students for college by combining several strategies into the avid elective class which are research proven to be successful.
“Avid is a program that extends beyond and it’s called “Avid for Higher Education” so some colleges are avid colleges and, in some colleges, if students are in avid for at least three years in high school, they can get a full ride scholarship to their college if it has an avid program in it,” Mrs. Hallock said.
Binders were required for all ninth graders to have and they have been implemented to keep students more organized and keep track of all work.
“My favorite thing about the binders is that everything is all in one place and it is very convenient,” Sophomore Jadyn Gillingham said.
Many teachers this year have been pushing to have students write down more complex notes in order to help students better understand what they just learned.
“This new style of note taking helps me better understand everything that I just learned and forces me to go back and review which makes me less likely to forget the information,” Freshman Kate Lipphardt said.
The goal of this first year is to get the participating students onto as many college campuses as possible and let them know that there is a purpose.