Getcha Head In The School Spirit

Unfortunately, there are many students who don’t care or are nervous about joining school clubs and sports. However all students should care about getting involved with school and there is no reason to be nervous about trying out for a sport like baseball or the school’s drama club spring play. Now, for the students who could care less about how the school is doing as whole when it comes to athletics or the music program but believe it or not there are some amazing benefits derived from being an active member of school.

”Because you meet new people and it can lead to making new friends. Sports and clubs are part of a good high school experience,” sophomore Trisha Suffern said.

So for those who wouldn’t mind making a friend or two while getting some fun fitness activity in try out for the volleyball or any sports team.

Another great benefit according to Mrs. McCain who is in charge of HOSA is “you can meet people who are totally different than you are and in the process become more open minded and see things in a different light.” As a side note, the great thing about HOSA is you can take an exam and get a degree/license in some jobs of the medical career and that’s a really cool thing to achieve in high school. Everyone has weaknesses and strengths so maybe for some teens that weakness happens to be teamwork.

“Very motivational. Can and will improve teamwork skills,” sophomore Koralys Camarena said. When asked what is the best part of basketball. One last thing that will hopefully encourage someone to be a part of a club or sport is no one wants to be the person at the class reunion 10 years later standing around awkwardly because they didn’t do anything in high school neither does anyone want to look back at their high school years and regret all the chances that were not taken for whatever reason.