Operation: National Oath of Enlistment


On October 26th, 2018, students enlisting/in the process of enlistment into the armed forces stood on the field to take an oath. Before the oath, the Battalion received a check for the Raider team by Dona Weavel, President of Good Deeds Foundation, and Military Officer Association of America Cape Canaveral Chapter. Afterwards, SSG Farley read the oath and the enlisting people recited it back to him and the crowd and in the process, cadets in the War Eagle Battalion held the fifty state flags behind the Color Guard. The people who took an oath are (In order): Austin Scarborough, Dillon DeVane, Garrett Howell, Joshua Lugo, Kent Paul, Khalleal Sampson, Michael Mabry, Nathanial Carter, Quinten Davis, Seth Strite, and William Bailey.