A Helping Paw!


Emily Colon, 11

Adam Stimestion has a dog, but it’s not just any dog. Oreo is more than that, she’s a service dog. Last year Adam had the opportunity to have a service dog to help him around in school.
“Oreo is such a big help to me, she keeps me calm and helps me throughout the day with my anxiety. If I didn’t have Oreo in my life, it would be so hard for me, “senior Adam Stimestion said.
Last year and this year the morning announcement showed the school about service dogs. It was to educate the students and to show what to do and what not to do when the dog comes to the school.
“I was diagnosed with Asperger. I struggle with anxiety and sometimes I have break downs, but having Oreo is awesome. Oreo makes me calm when I have anxiety attacks, she makes me calm,” senior Adam Stimestion said.
Oreo is a girl, he got her from “Charity Paws” in Saint Cloud. She can read peoples body language and can sense bad vibes from people.
“If someone ever wanted to pet Oreo, they can always ask. I have no problem if they just ask. But sometimes people pet Oreo without asking and she gets so mad. But Oreo is a big help for me, I love her and I literally don’t know what I’ll do with her. Now that I’m graduating, I can’t wait to experience the real world with Oreo,” senior Adam Stimestion Said.