Friday Early Release

Diana Spangler, 12

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The Brevard teachers union and district negotiating team have informally agreed to change early-release days in Brevard County from Wednesdays to Fridays next school year. However, the contract has not yet been finalized. Early release started in August of 2015. The purpose of early release days is to give teachers more planning time and to see parents.
“If early release is changed to Fridays then people will just not show up on Fridays because it’s already the last day of the week and it’s going to be an early day”, junior Nicholas Fields said.
The reason they are considering switching Friday to early release is because of high school students who are dual enrolled at Eastern Florida State College. Eastern Florida is closed on Fridays, so those students wouldn’t have to worry about missing any class time.
“I would like early day on Fridays cause then I can start off my weekend early” junior Kalik Brownlee said.
When early release day was first proposed, the change drew a mixed reaction from parents and teachers. Florida today conducted a poll with 3,591 people they found out that 83% of people preferred Fridays and 17% wanted to stick with Wednesdays.
Coach Bales said I like early release on Wednesdays because it is the day I do not have football after school and that is my only early day, and if it gets switched to Friday I would have to wait a whole hour after school till practice starts. Like I say “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.

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Friday Early Release