Softball District game: Astronaut Vs Cocoa

Our varsity softball team played their first game/ first district game against Cocoa high school on February 13th. Although the team was tough to beat last year, astronaut planned to come out with their “A” game and their heads held high.

“They said some things about us as a team but I didn’t care, nor did I listen. I just wanted to come out and show them what we were really about”, junior Melani Jones said
The 1st inning it was 2-0, with astronaut in the lead. Then in the 4th inning 6-3, with cocoa ahead. Astronaut came back out on top winning in the 7th inning with 9-6.

“With the score being like that in the 4th inning, I was really scared. I don’t mind to lose but I don’t like to lose”, sophomore Kayla Farris said. Minus the errors/mistakes, astronaut girls still had a smile on their face after the game and showed sportsmanship. That is what playing sports is all about, having fun, making mistakes and learning from and moving on from it.