Back to Spring Football

Spring football just started on Monday April 22nd and it seems like everyone is ready to get back on the field. I talked to some of the key players on the team and cornerback Kejon Summers had this to say “Since January we’ve been working hard and I feel really good about this spring game and season“. The team has been waking up early in the morning to lift and get back in shape for the season. Tight end Louis Arnold has this to say “We condition a lot, coach worden throws a lot at us at once but he knows we’ll get it & we’ve been doing a lot of drills and team stuff”. With up coming players on the team they have been going over the basics so everyone can be down packed and ready to go for the game so we went and talked to the wideout coach Bales and he had this to say “So far we are just getting back to the basics. We’ve been working, footwork, blocking, and tackling. Really just focusing on developing our guys so we can take the next step forward as a program. We aren’t doing anything different; we are just building on the foundation that was established by the past two teams.”